10 Aug

4 Store Plan Overview – Product Layout Tips

The strategy of product layout in the store area depends on the plan of the store. Smart distribution of retail space not only takes advantage of the flow of buyers but also helps to maximize sales volumes per square meter of the store. The main floor plans for store shelves are as follows:

Grid floor plan

tinklinis parduotuvės planas

Easy to predict customer flows. Customers are mostly attracted by the items displayed at the end of the row

This floor plan is most commonly found in supermarkets. It is one of the most economical plans, making the most of the store space. Because it is easy to predict customer flows, it is easy to place ads and promotions in the store. Buyers focus on displays positioned at the end of the rows. However, due to the product variety and large shelf space, it can be difficult for shoppers to find the goods they are looking for. Additional measures, like wobblers, need to be used to highlight new products, otherwise, the customer may not notice the novelties.

Angular plan

atviras parduotuvės planas

The products are laid out openly. They take up more space but are more visible to the buyer.

Such floor plan is most commonly found in clothing stores or small boutiques. It encourages buyers to circumvent the displays from all sides, touch and inspect the products. In such stores, shoppers will easily notice the novelties. The open displays will invite buyers to access and inspect the new goods, therefore there will be less of a need to advertise novelties.

Diagonal plan

A sense of openness is created, making it easier to spot goods in the middle of the shelves

This layout increases the visibility of the shelves for both buyers and cashiers or hall staff. the structure encourages buyers to move more freely and creates a sense of openness, unlike a grid floor plan. In the diagonal plan the front of the shelves takes on less importance, as the middle of the shelves is also visible in the main passage. Therefore it is easier to advertise products that are placed in the middle of the shelf. It’s also easier for shoppers to navigate and walk between shelves – they don’t feel like they’re in a maze.

Mixed plan

Mišrus parduotuvės planas

In order to draw the attention of buyers, it is necessary to apply the display strategies developed for previously described plans

This plan is most commonly found in large supermarkets. This type of layout combines the ones discussed above and is ideal for separating supermarket spaces and adapting the layout of goods to the product category. When combining different plans, it is important to properly place their accents so that the buyer’s attention is not distracted, but concentrated on the advertised goods. In such a layout, buyers usually move from the corners to the center – open layouts.

Understanding and adapting product layout plans is important not only for the store owner but also for the supplier. You can negotiate the most favorable places for your products in the store.

Our team advises the store employees on additional arrangements when visiting the stores. Our team also passes on information to the supplier, about the plans of all stores and the most favorable places for the placement of goods. Want to know more about our services? Contact us.

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