01 Jul

Spoga + Gafa fair

Our Team visited the Spoga+Gafa fair in Cologne on the 19th-21st of June. We met there with our client Teraplast. Teraplast was presenting its expanded Tera line, which is made from recycled plastic. Teraplast was also presenting its new gardening tool line which has a modern design. The tools are very light and comfortable for […]

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02 Dec

Principles of vertical merchandising

Have you ever noticed that the most popular products are very easy to find? It is because they are placed right in front of you – at eye level. This placement is certainly not accidental. We’ve written before about the principles that apply to the placement of goods inside a store, and now let’s downsize […]

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10 Aug

4 Store Plan Overview – Product Layout Tips

The strategy of product layout in the store area depends on the plan of the store. Smart distribution of retail space not only takes advantage of the flow of buyers but also helps to maximize sales volumes per square meter of the store. The main floor plans for store shelves are as follows: Grid floor plan Easy […]

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01 Jun

Product placement | In-store movement of customers

Today we would like to examine how the movement of buyers influence product placement. Probably, you have noticed that you need to go through the household departments first, in order to reach the food section in the store. Such store layouts are certainly not accidental and are designed to make the buyer spend more time […]

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30 Mar

How often should the planograms be refreshed?

What is a planogram? A planogram is a visual plan or diagram that shows where and how the products should be placed on the shelves or in the stands to increase product visibility and customer purchases. We have already discussed previously why it is important to maintain the planogram. Today we would like to discuss […]

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19 Mar

Why is it important to maintain planogram?

Many of todays business use planograms to effectively display their products. However, it is not only important to implement planogram but also maintain it. What is a planogram? Planograms are the arrangement of goods on shelves according to a prepared plan. In most cases, planograms are prepared taking into account the demographics of the region […]

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