Highly experienced team with 15+ years in the retail business.

Location – all parts of the Baltic States region are easily accessible from Riga. Our offices are located in all 3 Baltic States, therefore even the smallest stores can be visited by our employees.

Small family-run enterprise – flexibility and hyper care for our partnerships with clients.

Serving Baltics has been successfully cooperating with German manufacturers ensuring the successful representation of their products across the supermarket chains and retail units in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Our highly experienced team takes into account the individual needs of each client and ensures the timely delivery of the agreed services.

Serving Baltics team is being administered by SIA Topmajas company.

Our values

As a family-run enterprise, we are passionate about fostering partnerships and long-term relationships with our clients. This helps us deliver efficient, creative and tailor-made solutions to satisfy the unique needs of our clients, partners, and customers.

Our mission

To create added value to our clients, partners, and customers by our devoted everyday work, creative approach and reliable problem-solving abilities.

Our vision

All our partners‘ products reach their intended client.