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Smart, efficient and visible product displays increase the chances that the customer will choose you.

Serving Baltics provides merchandising services for the customer‘s production. We visit stores regularly and provide general reports after each visit. During the visit we ensure that the goods are being displayed according to the planogram, all products are clean and labeled with correct information. Merchandising services are the best opportunity to ensure that your products are displayed in a visually appealing and easily accessible way.

Administering the Point-of-Purchase displays

Organization and implementation of additional in-store sales and marketing events, helping setting up special displays

Shelf audit, with the possible „secret buyer“ option

Setting the product according to planograms

Regular visits to stores for auditing planograms – can be adjusted according to the seasonality of the product or specific wishes of the client

Pulling damaged product off the salesfloor

Reporting on the performance of your product – detailed information about the implementation of agreements, the number of unsold items, potential competitors and other agreed indicators presented with relevant statistics and pictures