Ridder GmbH – one of the largest German manufacturers of bathroom accessories with a special production line for elderly, disabled people and children. Cooperation since 2011.

“Serving Baltics is a well-organized & experienced family owned business with the professional knowledge and great direct contacts to the customers. Company target is a cooperation on a long-term basis. It is a great pleasure to work and enjoy the cooperation with such a reliable partner.”

– Jan Eibelman
Export Department Manager

Mellerud Chemie GmbH – German developer, manufacturer, and distributor of cleaning and care products. Cooperation since 2011.

“Very often in business, success is not only related to sales & marketing efforts but is also a matter of the excellency of relationships. And so was it for MELLERUD Chemie GmbH as we started our commercial approach into the Baltic states 2009: for more than 10 years, one of the key factors of our success has been our cooperation with Serving Baltics Team. Serving Baltics has been delivering us with proven country-specific expertise, branch knowledge, multi-language translation (Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Russian), shelf service, monitoring of competitors, sales analysis, promotional events, warehousing & logistics consulting and also in the organization of meetings & training. Thanks to their geographic coverage, they do operate in all major retail chains (mostly DIY and Food) all around the Baltic states and their commitment to helping brands is second to none! I am fully satisfied with the quality and accuracy of their service and strongly recommend Serving Baltics team to any company wishing to settle in the Baltic countries.”

– Vincent Volpe
International Key Account Manager

Teraplast – Italian manufacturer of plastic vases and flowerpots. The company’s products are modern, innovative and functional. Teraplast uses injection and rotation technologies, so it can produce even very large pots for plants. The company has a separate line of recyclable pots that are made from 100% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable.

JUWEL – an Austrian manufacturer supplying products for the home and garden. The company specializes in the production of clothe dryers for indoor and outdoor, compost bins, raised beds and cold frames. All JUWEL products are high-quality, functional and durable. Products are easy to install / disassemble or relocate.

Helios – one of the oldest manufacturers of thermoses and vacuum vessels in Europe based in Germany. The company’s strategy is based on flexibility, innovation, product quality and stability. This is easily felt in every Helios product.

Fute – a manufacturer of ironing boards from Portugal. The company manufactures the well-known Afer ironing boards and accessories. The company constantly invests in experience, knowledge of product quality and functionality. Afer ironing boards are well known in the West in Spain, France, the United Kingdom and are sold on LeRoyMerlin, Maxmat, Aki and other major DIY chains.

Coltellerie Paolucci – Italian manufacturer of cutlery, professional cutting knives, body care tools. The company has passed on the secrets of production from generation to generation for more than 220 years. Coltellerie Paolucci is a well-known and popular brand in Italy. Although the company has many years of experience, it is flexible and modern – striving to offer innovative solutions to today’s customers.

Ekohouse – a producer of natural aromas for saunas, body oils and scrubs. The company has an exclusive line for baths and saunas. The company’s products are widely sold in Latvia and are popular with customers there.

Leva House – is the main supplier of many national and international chain stores. The company GIMILOGULLARI Marketing Industry and Trading Inc works mainly under the brand Leva House. Leva House offers wide variety of products such as Luggage and bags, Home and Garden products, housewares and Giftware, Barbecue , camping , picnic and hobby items, Christmas , party and entertainment products and etc.

Sunware is a manufacturer of plastic boxes from the Netherlands. Sunware manufactures and supplies plastic boxes for the home, garden, and garage. The company also has a product line for storing food to keep it fresh longer, as well as the perfect solution for tidy cabinets – boxes for dry products. All the company’s products are made of high-quality plastic and are durable, modern, and stylish.

Rolser is a manufacturer of trolley bags from Spain. Rolser produces exclusive and special trolley bags – they offer a wide range, where you can find products in different sizes, materials, and functionalities. Each product has an exclusive thoughtful design that is both modern and at the same time very practical. Trolley bags can find the buyer of all ages – they are suitable for both elderly people with mobility difficulties and young people who want to spice their daily style by conveniently transporting groceries.

Lako is a doormat manufacturer from Germany. Lako door mats are high-quality, and durable, with an exclusive design. Lako offers a wide range – of mats made of coconut fiber, cotton mats with various designs, mats made of recycled rubber, and synthetic felt mats. The products will decorate every entrance or corridor of the house.