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What is the better way to reach your buyers than asking them face-to-face?

Our company provides PROMO campaign services, where we directly present our customers‘ products to the buyers in the retail stores. We are organizing campaigns for the agreed time and frequency. These campaigns are the best opportunity to directly reach your buyer and test new products or receive feedback about the existing assortment in the store. PROMO campaigns are also an undeniably successful tool to increase brand awareness among the existing buyers, as well as the opportunity to attract new customers.

Organizing sales promo campaigns according to seasonality, customer preferences, and market analysis

Direct data gathering from the buyer about their product preferences and needs

Our team has comprehensive knowledge about the client’s products, therefore, we can deliver the best results of PROMO campaigns

Providing the buyer with on the spot advice of partners production

Opportunity to present new products and services directly to the customers

Increased sales during the PROMO campaigns